3 Questions to Help You Live Out Your Lenten Vows

It is often very challenging to live out our Lenten vows. It is easy to forget sometimes and occasionally we even consciously give in to the temptation. Answer these questions to avoid breaking your Lenten vows. Whether you are giving something up or adding prayer or almsgiving, ask yourself: Specifically, what am I giving up [...]

40 Last-Minute Things to Give Up for Lent

So, Lent is here and you still haven’t decided on what you are giving up. Don’t panic. Don’tĀ over-thinkĀ things. You don’t have to come up with some grand, deeply spiritual, incredibly transformative super-human idea to give up for Lent. There are all sorts of things to give up for Lent, but don’t let the number of [...]

Don’t Let Your New Prayer Habits End with Lent!

Lent has come to an end and Easter is here! If you are like me, you’ve already engorged yourself with those delicious chocolates and treats that you gave up during Lent. (How can you resist those delicious Reese’s Eggs?) These treats help make Easter a true day of celebration just as birthday cake reminds us [...]

Holy Week Prayer Ideas

The week leading up to the Easter resurrection is a powerful time for prayer. It is a special time of meditation on Christ’s Paschal Mystery, particularly his Passion and Death. Consider incorporating the following Holy Week prayer ideas into your personal, family, or communal prayer this week. General Holy Week Prayer Ideas Take the time [...]

Using Prayer Books in Your Daily Prayer Life

I love using prayer books as a guide for daily prayer and reflection. Prayer books can help keep you accountable to your prayer goals and commitments even when you don’t want to pray. They can offer an added inspiration that you never would have uncovered on your own and they can be a nice supplement [...]

April Prayer Habits Goals and March Report

Each month I will be sharing my personal prayer habit goals for the month and providing an update on my progress in developing prayer habits from the previous month. I hope that you can learn from my experiences just as I am learning daily about prayer myself. At the end of March, these are the [...]

My Personal Prayer Habits (February 2011)

Each month I intend to set prayer habit goals and report on my personal progress and experiences to set an example for readers. I started this website because I wanted to get better at prayer and help others make time to pray, learn how to pray, and find what to pray.