6 Tips for Starting a Daily Prayer Routine

So you’re committed to adding prayer into your daily routines. Now how do you make sure you won’t forget to pray? How do you truly set aside time to pray and make it a habit?

I found that when I tried to insert prayer into my blogging routine, it took me a few times to realize I needed to consciously break my routine. The same has gone for adding morning prayer to my daily routine.

Daily Prayer Routine Tips

1. Write out your routine in detail. No matter when you decide to add prayer into a routine (when you wake up, when you go to bed, brushing your teeth, on the way to work, etc.), you need to think consciously about the step-by-step routine that is already in place. I did this both in my blogging routine and in my morning routine and it really paid off.

2. Rewrite the routine with prayer as a part of it. This is important. Write out the routine again and put prayer in the right spot. I had to do some adjusting to my morning routine so that having my computer open wouldn’t be a distraction. I only found this out when I wrote out the routine in detail.Daily Prayer Routine

3. Post the routine on your wall. We all need reminders. Rather than tying some silly string to your finger or writing on the back of your hand, post the written out routine in the place that you pray.

4. Test the routine. Spend a few days in prayer and make adjustments to your routine if necessary. You may need to adjust your routine in order to remove distractions.

5. Test the place. Have you chosen a place to pray that increases the distractions or increases the inspiration? Make sure you’ve found an optimal sacred space for prayer.

6. Use the 21 day rule. Studies show that it takes twenty-one days to build a habit. If it helps you to stay committed, keep track of the number of days you have remembered to pray for twenty-one days straight. If you are able to consistently add prayer to your daily routine for this many days, you are much more likely to maintain this as a long-term habit.

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  1. Noel says

    Thanks for that Jared I have been struggling to get back into a good prayer routine but those tips I think will help me to discipline myself to give regular time to prayer – i’m reluctant to pray initially but I’m always glad when I’ve spent time in prayer – its just prioritising it is the difficulty – thanks for your work – btw I too am working hard to become a good husband and father God bless N :-)

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