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Friendship Evangelization

The Friendship Evangelization Strategy: How to Share Your Faith Without Feeling Bad About It

As Christians, we’re supposed to share our faith; we’re supposed to be evangelizers. The problem is, it is so hard to be a Christian evangelizer and not feel uncomfortable about how we will be received. Despite working in evangelizing ministry at many different levels and settings, I’ve always found the idea of “evangelization” makes my [...]

He never missed the chance to teach a lesson. . . even at my wedding!

Finding Your Swing in Golf and in Life

When my grandfather returned home from Europe after World War II, he headed back to the golf course. Growing up during the Great Depression, he spent a lot of time as a volunteer caddie trying to make a little money. He didn’t get paid for it, but he made a little money in tips. He [...]

Grassroots Ministry

Developing a Grassroots Approach to Ministry

“Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest you.” Blessed Teresa of Calcutta We all want to have ministries that attract big numbers of highly engaged people, right? We spend days, weeks, and even months planning big events or designing curriculum and programs to get people [...]

Evangelization and Apologetics

Can Evangelization and Apologetics be Mixed?

About ten or fifteen years ago, apologetics seemed to be all the rage among Catholics. Today, there is a much stronger focus on evangelization. For many of us, evangelization is a new and uncomfortable realm. For some reason, we just feel more comfortable with apologetics and defending the faith. I wonder, though, if becoming good [...]


How to Write a Witness Talk

For many of us, writing a witness talk can be a daunting task. We start to ask ourselves questions like: Where do I start? What do I say? What stories should I share? Are my stories good enough? Am I revealing too much about myself? What if I cry? There are all sorts of questions [...]